Green new energy, the "gold industry" that will detonate wealth in the next ten years!

  It is estimated that the total installed capacity of solar thermal power generation in the world will reach 42GW in 2020 and 200GW in 2030. According to the construction cost of US$2500 per kilowatt, the industry can reach 3.2 trillion yuan! According to the data of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, the per capita housing in the city is 30 square meters and the rural area is 33.6 square meters, the total housing is about 45 billion square meters. According to the installation of 60% of solar-related products, for every 20 yuan/square meter, the huge market demand of 540 billion yuan is gushing out. Since 2013, the country began to implement the photovoltaic power generation subsidy policy, the subsidy period is 20 years, the state stipulates: "The photovoltaic power generation project will implement the benchmark on-grid electricity price or the electricity price standard since it is put into operation, and the period is 20 years."-Data source: Internet
  On April 25, by Fushui Lake, Cheng Aihua, a villager in Changtan Village, Dafan Town, Tongshan County, wiped photovoltaic panels on the roof. “We wipe it every other month, and the power generation efficiency is high!” Cheng Aihua is 54 years old this year and has 3 sons. The second child is impoverished due to illness. He takes medicine every month. He and his wife grow citrus and have time to go to the lake to catch fish, which is not enough.
   In 2016, the staff of the power supply station came to her home and suggested that her home install a distributed photovoltaic power station. It does not cost money for her own household electricity, and the unused electricity can be sold to the power supply company, with stable income every year. "Is there such a good thing?" Cheng Aihua was dubious, "Let's try it!" Without the capital, the bank gave her family an interest-free loan of 20,000 yuan, and the staff came to install 12 photovoltaic panels, and the government subsidized in batches after power generation and grid connection. In just one year, she repaid the loan: “After subtracting the household electricity, there is still about 2,000 yuan in income each year.” In addition to her family, 72 households in the village have successively built decentralized photovoltaic power stations.
"All mountains are mountains!" said the person in charge of the Tongshan County Power Supply Company of State Grid Xianning. There are "eight mountains, one river and one field" in the mountains. It is difficult to find a piece of flat land. How can we get rid of poverty and become rich? Sufficient, "Why not build a photovoltaic power station?"
   Through feasibility research, since 2015, the company has taken photovoltaic poverty alleviation as a focus of targeted poverty alleviation, speeding up the construction of supporting power grids, providing grid connection and operation management services, timely settlement of power generation benefits, and helping poverty alleviation.
In more than two years, 103 decentralized photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations and 2 multi-village joint-concentrated photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations have been built in 97 poor villages in the county. The construction scale is 21,500 kilowatts, generating approximately 15,745,100 kilowatt hours per year, which can increase farmers’ income each year. 6.6129 million yuan (excluding government subsidies).
"The cost of power generation in the first quarter of this year has been paid." Cheng Aihua said. After the traffic control was lifted, the boss opened a furniture store in the county town. The second child worked under the leadership of his brother-in-law. The youngest went up to the mountain and raised more than 10,000 in partnership with a friend. Chicken, "The government helps, work hard by yourself, there is hope for life!"
  New energy, new technology, new life!
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